Where did the idea for SqueakyAngel come from?

It was round about Christmas 2000, I decided to make a Christmas angel decoration.  I had always enjoyed making gifts for friends and family using things I could find around the house.

At first they started off small in size and I wanted to somehow make this angel different to ones you could buy.


(Pencil sketch of original idea & original SqueakyAngel)

(Front & back of original SqueakyAngel)

Whilst studying for my NNEB in Nursery Nursing back in 1997 - 1999 I had to make toys for small children. I chose to make sensory toys that included the use of bells & squeakers so I had spare squeakers left over.

I decided to add a squeaker to my angel and Voila! Squeaky Angel was born.


Since then she has grown and evolved from a small angel into what she is today.

My Angels are available to buy from Etsy
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